Management Principles

We respect the independence of the individual, offer creative products to society grounded in organic harmony with society overall, and in the simultaneous pursuit of cosmos and chaos, strive to contribute to the advancement of humankind's science and technology.

Corporate Policies

① Technology steeped in creativity

HOLON excels in technologies surrounding the control of electron beams. We have been serving society by providing electron beam application system products that incorporate unique concepts based on HOLON's wealth of technology, information, and experience.

② An international company

It has been a concept of HOLON to conduct its technology development with a steady eye on the world at large and to this end practice also worldwide information exchange.

③ A company that emphasizes the individual's ability to accommodate change

Our times today are driven by rapid transformations which society, individuals, and companies can no longer accommodate with yesterday's concepts. HOLON continues to be both individual and group in its pursuit of new ideas and technologies in response to changing environments.

④ A company with the ability to contribute to the advancement of society through science and technology

HOLON has been using its characteristic electron beam technology in the continuing pursuit of nanotechnology's limitless potential. In these efforts, HOLON's quest is focused as much on answers to society's needs as on planting the seeds for the future.