Photomask Defect Review SEM


LEXa-20 enables photomask defect observation and analysis with the Market-proven Low Vacuum technology implemented for HOLON’s photomask CD-SEMs. With LEXa-20, “you can see what you need to see.”
LEXa-20 is the only tool in the industry enabling automated defect observation with AI technology and EDX analysis, and is becoming indispensable for EUV lithography implementation in leading edge device development and high volume manufacturing.


  • - Full area observation and element analysis of photomasks enhanced by low vacuum technology
  • - Low acceleration voltage enabling high resolution and minimizing damage for EDS analysis
  • - Auto defect recognition using AI technology and seamless interfacing with the EDS analyzer
  • - Linkage with optical defect inspection tools
  • - Element Mapping
Low Vacuum mode enables better quality SEM images of defects, mitigating charging-up effects

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