HOLON Products

What are HOLON Products

HOLON is a manufacturer of e-beam based inspection and measurement tools for photomasks and wafers which are necessary for semiconductor fabrication.(Refer to “the principle of stepper” for details)

Features of HOLON products

Please refer to the process chart showing how and on which process the product is used.

Figure 1: Outline of the semiconductor fabrication process
Figure1:Outline of the semiconductor fabrication process
Principle of Stepper
Principle of Stepper

CD-SEM for photomasks, a HOLON flagship product, makes an indispensable role in the photomask fabrication process used in the manufacturing processes (fig. 1) of semiconductors. Tools necessary for the photomask fabrication process are mainly divided into two types. One is e-beam writing (pattern forming) system and the other inspection (or repair) one. HOLON provides e-beam inspection system.

A photomask is fabricated using a blank of quartz glass substrate, onto which patterns based on CAD formed GDS data are exposed by e-beam writer, and finally complete after inspection and repair processed.
(Photomask fabrication process)

Photomasks supplied to semiconductor fabs, are used for exposing in the photolithography processes (fig. 1) They are set up as negative plates in a stepper (reduced projection system) which enables exposing patterns onto wafers while exchanging scores of photomasks. Those used with a stepper are often referred to as "reticles."


short for Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscope, is an e-beam measurement tool.