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FM 638414/ISO9001
The ZX CD-SEM extends HOLON’s technical leadership in mask metrology to the most advanced devices at sub-10nm nodes.
HOLON’s industry-leading Aberration Correction and Charge Mitigation technologies have been refined and implemented to address all the requirements for measuring and imaging leading-edge semiconductor photomasks.
FM 638414/ISO9001
LEXa-10 HR
LEXa-10 HR
LEXa-10 HR is an enhanced version of the LEXa-10 Mask DR-SEM, developed for observing and analyzing microscopic defects on leading-edge masks such as EUV multi-layer masks. The system includes HOLON’s Aberration Correction and Charge Mitigation technologies, providing higher quality SEM images of mask defects.

All products offered by Holon are developed to match the needs of customers.