Message from the President


Our company name "HOLON" is a concept that means an ultimate ecosystem that simultaneously a whole and a part. It expresses our intention to be a company in harmony with the world as a whole while maximizing our unique character and making a contribution to international society.

Since HOLON's founding, we have engaged in applying electron beam technology to the semiconductor industry. In recent years, however, thanks to the Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) technologies mass production success, the future semiconductor manufacturing technology has greatly accelerated and HOLON got wonderful opportunities.

Our CD-SEM for photomask and defect review SEM products are well-regarded among our customers, the advanced semiconductor manufacturing companies that use Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) in their manufacturing processes, and are becoming the industry standard.

The semiconductor industry will continue to develop more and more through the next generation communication technology 5G, IoT, and even AIized data center to store and use information.

HOLON is willing to develop together as a member of the future semiconductor industry ecosystem. To that end, we will work on the whole company to make society better develop based on the following three principles.

  • Always polish electron beam technology that brings value to customers
  • Think and act based on essential need
  • Become a truly global company by co-creating with a world-class company

We sincerely thank you for your further understanding and support.

President and CEO
Ko Cho