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Z Series (Mask CD-SEM)


The ZX CD-SEM extends HOLON’s technical leadership in mask metrology to the most advanced devices at sub-10nm nodes.
HOLON’s industry-leading Aberration Correction and Charge Mitigation technologies have been refined and implemented to address all the requirements for measuring and imaging leading-edge semiconductor photomasks.


  • High-speed and high-precision measurement of nano-scale patterns
  • Improved Aberration Correction for sharper image with higher signal-to-noise ratio
  • Charge-mitigated High Quality Images enabled by Low Vacuum Technology
  • Integrated applications including Multi-point CD, Measurement, Contour Extraction, New 2D Measurement, Method, Bird’s Eye View and Defect review
  • Applicable for various substrates including chrome on glass, phase shifting masks, EUV masks, NIL Qz, Molds, PET Film Molds, DSA Films.

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ZX image