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LEXa Series (Defect review SEM)


Defect review SEM for observing and analyzing the nano world

The LEXa-10 DR-SEM enables defect observation and analysis with charge mitigation using the low vacuum technology implemented in the HOLON photomask CD-SEM.

  • Full area observation and element analysis of photomasks enhanced by low vacuum technology
  • Low acceleration voltage enabling high resolution and minimizing damage for EDS analysis
  • Linkage with optical defect inspection tools
  • Navigation function for Automatic Defect Review (ADR)
  • Element Mapping
  • Compatible with 6” masks, and wafers up to 8"

Basic Specifications

Specimen 6025 photomasks
4" to 8" wafers
SEM spatial resolution 3nm
Acc. Voltage 0.5kV~7kV
Probe Current 50pA~1nA
EDS energy resolution 127eV
LEXa-10 image

*SMIF POD Autoloader; option
*This product is build-to-order manufacturing

LEXa-10 image

LEXa-10 HR

LEXa-10 HR is an enhanced version of the LEXa-10 Mask DR-SEM, developed for observing and analyzing microscopic defects on leading-edge masks such as EUV multi-layer masks. The system includes HOLON’s Aberration Correction and Charge Mitigation technologies, providing higher quality SEM images of mask defects.

A more sensitive EDS detector is also implemented, enabling faster EDS analysis to accelerate the yield ramp of high-end mask processes.


Based on technologies developed for the LEXa-10, these additional features have been implemented in the LEXa-10 HR for observing and analyzing nano-sized defects on photomasks, EUV masks, NIL molds, etc:

  • Market-proven High Resolution Technology
  • Higher Performance XY Stage
  • Contamination Prevention Measures

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LEXa-10 HR image