Holon Co., Ltd. Development, manufacturing, and marketing of semiconductor inspection tools and overall maintenance services

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HOLON’S Philosophy

HOLON’S Philosophy

Holon measures the invisible small world
with a nanometer scale

The term holon was created by the Hungarian-born philosopher Arthur Koestler. It originates from the Greek word "holos" for whole, with the suffix "on" attached, which signifies a piece or a part. The meaning of this word relates to the organic harmony in the relationship between the individual and the group, or the individual and the whole. In other words, the larger the scale of observation, the more an object will emerge as part of the total, and the smaller the scale of observation the greater the number of structural constituents, thus depicting a contained whole with a certain property of containment.

Holon proposes to contribute to the furtherance of society by bringing out the full potential of every employee and letting employees achieve success by converging in an organic and harmonious manner on the creation of manufactured products.

Business Lines

The main business line of Holon is the manufacture of inspection and measurement tools for ascertaining the design-conforming, correct production of semiconductors, which are indispensable for devices such as PCs, smartphones, and digital home appliances with their ever-smaller dimensions and relentlessly advancing functions and performance attributes.
In order to fulfill this particular role in the rapidly evolving semiconductors and nanotechnology industries, Holon has been striving to strengthen cooperative partnerships in research and development, manufacture and marketing, and equipment preservation and maintenance, and will continue to provide optimal services.

Illustration: Flow of semiconductor device fabrication (Outline illustration)

What is a CD-SEM?
SEM is short for Scanning Electron Microscope. Electron beams are directed against a sample surface, an image of the test material surface is obtained by detecting the secondary electrons emitted from it in response. A CD-SEM is a Critical Dimension SEM, a tool that uses SEM technology in order to measure pattern dimensions. The Z Series, a main product of Holon, is a CD-SEM for measuring the patterns of masks for semiconductor fabrication.